Curso de língua tcheca para descendentes tchecos em Dobruška


Four - week Czech language course

This is a four-week, summer vacation Czech language course intended for Czech compatriots over 18 years of age who live abroad and would like to learn their predecessors' language or improve their existing Czech language skills. The course gives them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Czech culture and get to know part of the Czech Republic. Tuition takes place in groups according to ability level and is led by experienced teachers. A generous extracurricular programme (forums, excursions, lectures, weekend day trips, etc.) is prepared for course participants.

Language tuition and board and lodging are provided to course participants free of charge, and they receive a financial contribution towards travel to and from the Czech Republic. Health care costs are covered within the scope laid down in Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on Residence of Foreigners in the Czech Republic and on Amendment of Some Other Acts, as amended. Upon completing the course, participants receive a graduation certificate.

Application forms may be submitted only via Czech embassies, and must be submitted by 15 March of the year in which the course is to be held.

To apply you should:
-  Fill out an electronic application;
- Print out the application and send it to the relevant embassy. The original application must be received by the relevant embassy or consulate at least ten working days after the application deadline.

Date: July 24, 2015 - August 21, 2015

The online application form can be downloaded HERE

Dia de São Nicolau

Dia de São Nicolau, dezembro 2014

Na noite de 5 de dezembro, São Nicolau com anjos e diabos costumam aparecer nas vilas e cidades tchecas. Entram em todas as casas onde tem crianças pequenas. A criança tem de mostrar o que aprendeu (recita um poema, canta uma canção) e responder à pergunta se se comportou bem durante todo o ano. Se se comportou bem, recebe de São Nicolau um presente. Se não, recebe do diabo uma batata crua ou carvão. 

As fotografias são do dia 6 de dezembro de 2014 quando São Nicolau foi presentear as crianças tcheco-brasileiras. 

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Curso de Culinária Tcheca, novembro 2014

Culinaria novembro 2014

Culinaria todos


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